Program Compilation

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Compilation is a form of synthesis in which a program in a high-level language is transformed to machine code. This translation is usually achieved in several phases in which a high-level language is first translated into an intermediate representation. Instruction selection then translates the intermediate representation into machine instructions.

The compilation process usually also involves a number of ProgramRephrasings?. For example, ProgramNormalizations such as IrCanonicalization? and AlgebraicSimplification? and various forms of ProgramOptimizations.

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-- EelcoVisser - 02 Dec 2001

CompilationByTransformation is a paradigm in which compilation is implemented by means of of a series of transformations. The paper on RealisticCompilationByProgramTransformation was the first to formulate the paradigm. The approach is used in the GlasgowHaskellCompiler?.

-- EelcoVisser - 2000

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