Page Layout

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Is it true that people find the current layout too full? -- ArieVanDeursen

The new layout only has a sidebar for navigation. Is this satisfactory? -- EelcoVisser - 09 Nov 2001

I think it's better, but in my opinion the side bar still is to crowded. I'd propose the following:

  • Replace the Collections by a single pointer to a Collections page (or CategoryCollection). This eliminates 5 items

  • Drop the topicname from the side bar. For long names, gives a very wide sidebar.

  • In the current layout I've problems finding the edit button. I'd propose to have a big centered "Edit" button immediately below the surveys

  • I'd put the Webs in a separate page OtherWebs

Well, and after this, we'll see ...

-- ArieVanDeursen; 14 Nov 2001.

Thanks, it's better now. -- ArieVanDeursen; 17 Nov 2001.