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MicroAPL Ltd.


MicroAPL Ltd. offer a variety of innovative porting tools and services.

Relogix is claimed to be an advanced software conversion tool which can take assembly-language source files and automatically re-code them in naturally-structured, readable, maintainable C, complete with meaningful variable names and types.

Unlike most other attempts at automated migration from assembler to C, Relogix claims to produce results close to what a skilled human programmer would produce if asked to re-write an assembler source file in C - only with fewer bugs and in a very much shorter time.

Relogix is currently available in versions for 680x0/ColdFire assembler and for 80x86 assembler source, with other versions in development.

PortAsm is a tool which translates assembly language source written for one processor into assembler source for another. Translation is largely automatic, and performance of translated code is claimed to be roughly comparable to that of natively compiled C code. PortAsm is available in several versions, including PortAsm/68K which converts 68000 assembly language code to PowerPC, Intel x86 or ColdFire.

Visit the vendor's website for further information, including other tools including emulators and emulation libraries.