Meta Edit Plus

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MetaEdit?+ is a multi-user, multi-platform metaCASE tool that allows you to build your own development environment without having to write a single line of code.

First step is designing your method; its concepts, rules, notations and code generators. The method definition is then stored as a metamodel in the MetaEdit?+ repository. Once a method, or even a partial prototype, is defined, you and your team can start using it in MetaEdit?+. Methods can be modified "on the fly" with form-based method engineering tools.

MetaEdit?+ automatically follows the given method definition to provide your developers with full CASE tool functionality: diagramming editors, browsers, code and documentation generators, multi-user support, and much more. MetaEdit?+ runs on all major platforms (WIndows, Linux, Solaris etc.) and it integrates with your existing application development environment: generating and compiling code, referencing component libraries, starting simulators and running external solvers.