Donating AGrammar By Email

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This page describes how to donate your grammar to the GrammarBase? by email in case you don't have write access to the central GrammarBase? CVS repository. If you do have access to this repository, the prefered way to donate your grammar is by DonatingAGrammarWithCVS.

Donating bu Email

Since the GrammarBase? is FreeSoftware, you should accept that after donating, your grammar becomes FreeSoftware as well.

To donate a grammar '<g>' with version '<v>' to the GrammarBase? by email. you should do the following:

: 1. Create a tar file of the new grammar: tar cvf <g>.<v>.tar grammars/<g>.<v>

: 2. Email the tar file to one of the GrammarBaseMaintainers?.

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