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Until May 2005, Decompiler Technologies offered mainly a Visual Basic 6 native-code decompilation (source code recovery) service with compiler-specific proprietary technology, in the form of Recall.VB6 (formerly Visual Basic Right Back). Decompilation of forms can be done with many programs such as VBRezq, but no other known program can currently decompile Visual Basic 6's natively compiled code. VB5 and VB 6 both supported. Visual Basic decompilations seem to be offered at a flat US5c per line of automtically decompiled output, and optionally US$40/hour for manual refinement.

Since May 2005, the company seems to be concentrating on the C/C++ decompilation market. Visual Basic is still supported. The web page claims that arrays are handled correctly now, so it seems that they have at least some type analysis. It will be interesting to find out how good this service will become (it sounds like the C/C++ decompiler is still under development).

The company is willing to attempt decompilation of other computer languages as well. They also offer an Anti-DecompilerTechnologies tool that stamps an executable with a pattern that if detected, tells the Decompiler Technologies team not to decompile that executable without permission. The intent is to prevent unauthorised decompilation, and to put the minds of developers at rest.

As of early 2006, the company provides a decompilation service for Visual Basic 5 and 6, 32-bit Windows C programs, and 8-bit 6502 programs. Recompilation is not guaranteed, although you can purchase manual refinement of the automatic decompilation if desired.


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