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A number of example DSLs are discussed in the DSLAnnotatedBibliography. This page contains several DSLBibliographyAdditions, presenting example DomainSpecificLanguages. Feel free to add your own pointers to other papers of interest (preferably with summary / annotation)!

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From HolgerKienle

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From DiomidisSpinellis

Diomidis Spinellis. Implementing Haskell: Language implementation as a tool building exercise. Structured Programming (Software Concepts and Tools), 14:37-48, 1993. http://softlab.icsd.aegean.gr/~dspin/pubs/jrnl/1993-StrProg-Haskell/html/exp.html

From DiomidisSpinellis

Diomidis Spinellis and V. Guruprasad. Lightweight languages as software engineering tools. In J. Christopher Ramming, editor, USENIX Conference on Domain-Specific Languages, pages 67-76, Santa Monica,California, October 1997. Usenix Association. http://softlab.icsd.aegean.gr/~dspin/pubs/conf/1997-DSL-Lightweight/html/paper.html

From HolgerKienle

  author =     {Johan Ovlinger and Mitchell Wand},
  title =     {A Language for Specifying Recursive Traversals of Object Structures},
  journal =     {Conference on Object Oriented Programming Systems Languages and Aplications (OOPSLA '99)},
  year =     {1999},
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Abstract: We present a domain-specific language for specifying recursive traversals of object structures, for use with the visitor pattern. Traversals are traditionally specified as iterations, forcing the programmer to adopt an imperative style, or are hard-coded into the program or visitor. Our proposal allows a number of problems best approached by recursive means to be tackled with the visitor pattern, while retaining the benefits of a separate traversal specification.

From Jeff Gray

An Examination of DSLs for Concisely Representing Model Traversals and Transformations
Jeff Gray and Gábor Karsai, 36th Hawaiian International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), Big Island, HI, January 6-9, 2003, Proceedings on CD-ROM.

Paper: http://www.gray-area.org/Pubs/hicss-2003.pdf
Presentation: http://www.gray-area.org/Pubs/hicss-2003.ppt