ANTLR: ANother Tool for Language Recognition


ANTLR is a parser generator.

  • Generates Java, C#, or C++ code.

  • Accepts the class of LL(k) grammars

  • Produces recursive-descent parsers

  • Includes mini grammar base, as well as several example applications of ANTLR

  • Tree grammars which let you use grammar constructs to specify how to walk your AST. It also has a notation for building and transforming your AST.


A complete skeleton of an ANTLR based transformation system for ANSI C and C with GCC extesions can be seen at Included are a parser, tree parser (to be "grammar subclassed" for your transformation passes), and a tree emitter to take your tree back to text.


Formerly part of PCCTS. See also SORCERER.




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