This packages is not being maintained at the moment. Some parts of it have been mvoed to xml-front, which is now part of StrategoXT. Maybe the remaining tools will be added later.

Although there are many differences in structure and syntax, XML and ATerms are strongly related. Both formats are used to exchange tree-like data between components. Because XML and ATerms are used in the exchange of data between components, it would be useful to have the techniques and tools to exchange data between components that operate on XML and tools that operate on ATerms.

The result of such tooling will be that we can use the huge amount of tools for XML and that we can open our Stratego.ATerm based tools to the XML world.

xml-tools offers the required tools to make this possible. The package still has to evolve, but the tools can already be applied for the described goals.

Components of xml-tools


Download and installation

The latest sources can be checked out using:

svn checkout

Configure the package:

  • --with-strategoxt
  • --with-sdf
  • --with-aterm
  • --with-netx (optional) : If you want to use the schema conversion tools you need Netx. Netx is a JNLP client. You have to be connected to the Internet the first time you run a schema conversion tool.

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