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The xml-info language is a representation of an XML document in the Stratego.ATerm? format. The xml-info language feels like a DOM representation of an XML document, but it is just data, not an API. The -info part in the name of this language indicates that it limits the representation of an XML document to the information present in the document.

There is only an abstract syntax for the xml-info language (not a concrete syntax). The abstract syntax for the xml-info language is defined by an RTG in the xml-front package.

Syntactical details like entities, comments, whitespace and empty elements are not available in the xml-info language. The xml-info language has constructs to represent XML namespaces. There is no syntactic sugar in xml-info: every element and attribute has for example the complete namespace URI in its name and as another example there is no distinction between empty-elements and elements without children.

Definition in RTG

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