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XT -- A Bundle of Program Transformation Tools
TWiki's Tools web /view/Tools XT -- A Bundle of Program Transformation Tools en-us Copyright 2020 by contributing authors Eelco Visser [webmaster@strategoxt.org] Eelco Visser [webmaster@strategoxt.org] TWiki TWiki.Tools TWiki home.Tools /view/Tools /pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/twikiRobot46x50.gif ATermLibrary /view/Tools/ATermLibrary?t=2006-09-15T01:40Z ATerm libraries implement the internal representation of the Format in some programming language and the conversion between the external and the internal representation ... (last changed by MartinBravenboer) 2006-09-15T01:40Z MartinBravenboer 1.5 updated major /rdiff/Tools/ATermLibrary /rdiff/Tools/ATermLibrary AutoBundle /view/Tools/AutoBundle?t=2006-07-18T19:50Z Description Autobundle is a utility for making software distributions by bundling multiple (third-party) software packages. Autobundle promotes the development of ... (last changed by MartinBravenboer) 2006-07-18T19:50Z MartinBravenboer 1.29 updated major /rdiff/Tools/AutoBundle /rdiff/Tools/AutoBundle DailyBuildSystem /view/Tools/DailyBuildSystem?t=2005-10-18T07:06Z Description The `dbs' package implements an open framework for daily-builds (i.e. regular performed builds to continuously verify the consistence of all parts of ... (last changed by MartinBravenboer) 2005-10-18T07:06Z MartinBravenboer 1.11 updated major /rdiff/Tools/DailyBuildSystem /rdiff/Tools/DailyBuildSystem BoxLanguage /view/Tools/BoxLanguage?t=2005-02-12T18:40Z The Box Language is described in the Stratego/XT manual: Box Text Formatting Language Documentation to pretty print a grammar to define pretty print tables Publications ... (last changed by MartinBravenboer) 2005-02-12T18:40Z MartinBravenboer 1.7 updated major /rdiff/Tools/BoxLanguage /rdiff/Tools/BoxLanguage AsFix /view/Tools/AsFix?t=2005-01-30T21:42Z Description AsFix (ASF+SDF fixed format) is a format for representing parse trees in the ATerm format. Currently two versions of AsFix are in used: AsFix2ME and AsFix2 ... (last changed by MartinBravenboer) 2005-01-30T21:42Z MartinBravenboer 1.7 updated major /rdiff/Tools/AsFix /rdiff/Tools/AsFix AsFixAnnoComments /view/Tools/AsFixAnnoComments?t=2005-01-28T16:55Z Description An asfix to asfix tool that reserves comments that were of the input source code by putting them in annotations of the AST. It is difficult to decide ... (last changed by MartinBravenboer) 2005-01-28T16:55Z MartinBravenboer 1.2 updated major /rdiff/Tools/AsFixAnnoComments /rdiff/Tools/AsFixAnnoComments ATermToXml /view/Tools/ATermToXml?t=2005-01-14T10:40Z Summary Converts an ATerm to a comparable XML document. Description The tools aterm2xml and xml2aterm support the conversion from ATerm to XML and vice versa. Since ... (last changed by MartinBravenboer) 2005-01-14T10:40Z MartinBravenboer 1.4 updated major /rdiff/Tools/ATermToXml /rdiff/Tools/ATermToXml ATermFormat /view/Tools/ATermFormat?t=2004-12-05T13:29Z Introduction The ATerm (Annotated Term) Format is a format for exchanging structured data between tools. The ATerm format is a generic internal and external representation ... (last changed by MartinBravenboer) 2004-12-05T13:29Z MartinBravenboer 1.3 updated major /rdiff/Tools/ATermFormat /rdiff/Tools/ATermFormat ATermTools /view/Tools/ATermTools?t=2004-12-03T02:23Z ATermTools is a collection of generic tools for ATerms. Tools STARTINCLUDE term-to-dot transforms an ATerm to a graph in the Transform.DotLanguage pp-aterm pretty ... (last changed by MartinBravenboer) 2004-12-03T02:23Z MartinBravenboer 1.5 updated major /rdiff/Tools/ATermTools /rdiff/Tools/ATermTools AsFixTools /view/Tools/AsFixTools?t=2004-09-07T14:08Z asfix-tools is a collection of tools for the AsFix (ASF Fixed) format. The AsFix format is a format for representing a parse tree. Sdf.SGLR outputs its result in the ... (last changed by MartinBravenboer) 2004-09-07T14:08Z MartinBravenboer 1.7 updated major /rdiff/Tools/AsFixTools /rdiff/Tools/AsFixTools AddPosInfo /view/Tools/AddPosInfo?t=2004-08-27T08:02Z Summary addPosInfo adds position information to an AsFix2ME parse tree. Example The following syntax definition defines a tiny language of assignments and expressions ... (last changed by MartinBravenboer) 2004-08-27T08:02Z MartinBravenboer 1.1 updated major /rdiff/Tools/AddPosInfo /rdiff/Tools/AddPosInfo AboxToLaTex /view/Tools/AboxToLaTex?t=2004-06-04T10:27Z Name abox2latex Synopsis abox2latex alltt boxenv i box-term o html-file w width t abbreviations file Description The utility abox2latex produces LaTeX code according ... (last changed by MerijnDeJonge) 2004-06-04T10:27Z MerijnDeJonge 1.5 updated major /rdiff/Tools/AboxToLaTex /rdiff/Tools/AboxToLaTex AsFixYield /view/Tools/AsFixYield?t=2004-03-09T13:07Z asfix-yield is an asfix-tool that transforms parse trees in the AsFix format to the flat text the parse tree represents. (last changed by MartinBravenboer) 2004-03-09T13:07Z MartinBravenboer 1.4 updated major /rdiff/Tools/AsFixYield /rdiff/Tools/AsFixYield AmbTracker /view/Tools/AmbTracker?t=2004-02-25T13:22Z Name ambtracker display the productions in a parse tree causing ambiguities Description Compared to visamb ambtracker offers an alternative visualization of ambiguities ... (last changed by NielsJanssen) 2004-02-25T13:22Z NielsJanssen 1.2 updated major /rdiff/Tools/AmbTracker /rdiff/Tools/AmbTracker AsFix2ME /view/Tools/AsFix2ME?t=2004-02-19T18:09Z AsFix2ME is a more compact variant of AsFix2. See the AsFix topic for a general overview of AsFix. This topic describes the difference between AsFix2 and AsFix2ME ... (last changed by MartinBravenboer) 2004-02-19T18:09Z MartinBravenboer 1.2 updated major /rdiff/Tools/AsFix2ME /rdiff/Tools/AsFix2ME AutoBuild /view/Tools/AutoBuild?t=2004-02-19T08:50Z Description Compiling and installing software packages is often a time consuming and complicated business. You have to read the installation instructions to determine ... (last changed by MerijnDeJonge) 2004-02-19T08:50Z MerijnDeJonge 1.18 updated major /rdiff/Tools/AutoBuild /rdiff/Tools/AutoBuild