Pack Koala

XT -- A Bundle of Program Transformation Tools

The tool pack-koala packs the Koala component and interface definitions and produces a parse tree for the complete Koala specification.



Suppose that we want to obtain the complete parse tree of a Koala composition specified in koala-tools-bundle:

   component koala-tools-bundle {
         component ASFIX-TOOLS asfix-tools;
         component ATerm aterm;
         component GPP gpp;
         component GRAPH-TOOLS graph-tools;
         component mySGLR sglr;
         component Stratego stratego;
         component KOALA-TOOLS koala-tools;

If all component, interface, and data type definitions are stored in ./koala-pb. Then the following command will yield the desired parse tree:

   pack-koala -I ./koala-pb -i koala-tools-bundle

This parse tree can be further transformed with asfix-yield to obtain a textual representation of the composition:

   pack-koala -I ./koala-pb -i koala-tools-bundle \
   | asfix-yield

or imploded into an abstract syntax tree with implode-asfix:

   pack-koala -I ./koala-pb -i koala-tools-bundle \
   | implode-asfix

-- MerijnDeJonge - 17 Feb 2004