Koala Normalize

XT -- A Bundle of Program Transformation Tools
The tool koala-normalize performs Koala normalizations without code generation. It takes a Koala composition as input and produces an abstract syntax tree (AST) of the normalized Koala composition as output.

   koala-normalize -I <directory with Koala components> \
                   -i <top-level component> \
                   -o composition.af

The output of koala-normalize can be connected to the input of additional (third-party) backends. This way, support for new languanges in addition to C can be added, or new levels of composition can be defined (see http://www.cs.uu.nl/wiki/Merijn/PaperMultiLevelComponentComposition).

As a simple example, the output can be connected to a pretty-printer:

   pp-koala -i composition.af

If certain normalization steps are not needed, they can be turned off with the '--no' switchs. E.g.,

   koala-normalize -I <directory with Koala components> \
                   -i <top-level component> \
                   -o composition.af \
                   --no koala-pruner

The list of normalization steps can be obtained with the '--help' switch. Note that disabling arbitrary normalization steps may yield unpredictable results. Use with care.

-- MerijnDeJonge - 22 Dec 2004