As Fix To Abox

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asfix2abox [-c] [-i asfix-tree] [-o box-term] [-p table1] [-p table2] ...


The asfix2abox utility is a generic formatter that maps a parse-tree represented in AsFix to BOX according to the pretty-print rules specified in the pretty-print tables <table1> <table2> ...

The utility accepts an ordered sequence of pretty-print tables which define mappings from language constructs to BOX expressions (See HowToDefinePrettyPrintTables). The tables are ordered such that the pretty-print rules in <table1> have higher precedence than the entries in <table2>.

The BOX term that is produced by asfix2abox can be passed to one of the available back-ends to obtain a plain text, HTML, or LaTeX representation of your input term (See HowToPrettyPrintAGrammar).


Conservative pretty-printing (only format where needed).

display usage information. Use this option to get information on additional options

-p <table>
Use pretty-print rules defined in <table>. Multiple tables can be specified

display version information

See also

GenericPrettyPrinter, HowToPrettyPrintAGrammar, HowToDefinePrettyPrintTables

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