Abox To As Fix

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box2asfix [-i box-term] [-o asfix-tree] [-w width] -t asfix-tree


The utility box2asfix produces an AsFix parse-tree in which the layout nodes are updated according to the formatting specified in `box-tree'.

The utility takes as input an asfix-term (specified with the `-t' option) in which the layout nodes needs to be updated, and a box-term (specified with the `-o' option) which describes how the layout nodes should be updated.

The -w option can be used to specify the maximal line width.The line width defaults to 80 columns.


-h : display usage information. Use this option to get information on additional options

-q : run quietly

-v : display version information


The box2asfix utility only accepts AsFix1? parse-trees.

See also

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