Stratego Shell

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation


The Stratego Shell is an interactive front-end to the Stratego Interpreter. In the Stratego Shell you rewrite a current subject term according to strategies (commands). The shell supports the complete Stratego language.


  • Use the Stratego Shell as a debugger
  • Use the Stratego Shell for testing new strategies
  • Import XTC repositories into the Stratego Shell and invoke the registered tools
  • Use the Stratego Shell for learning the Stratego Language.


The basic features of the Stratego Shell have been presented at the Fifth Stratego User Days ( pdf ). In the shell, you can enter :help to get some help about the available commands. Feel free to send questions to


Stable Releases

The latest stable release of the Stratego Shell is:

Older releases are still available:

Unstable Releases

The latest unstable release (tarball, source and binary RPM, Nix channel) is available at:

The latest distributions of the Stratego Shell requires a recent Stratego/XT. The Stratego Shell requires the GNU Readline package, which is installed by default on most systems. The -devel package might be missing; it is required if you are building from source.

The sources can also be obtained from our Subversion repository:

svn checkout