Stratego Release 012 Issues

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
Issues closed and resolved in StrategoXT 0.12


  • [STR-90] - sdf2rtg (or maybe just pp-rtg) does not support quoted constructors
  • [STR-96] - Generic application of dynamic rewrite rule
  • [STR-140] - pack-sdf does not check that module name corresponds to file name
  • [STR-152] - format-check --xhtml: in worstcase pp list format errors are not red.
  • [STR-153] - format-check --vis: list format errors are not red.
  • [STR-155] - sdf2parenthesize: must use transitive closure of chain priorities
  • [STR-161] - pack-sdf: fix .dep generation support
  • [STR-187] - sdf2ast-conflicts: injections result in illegal conflict descriptions.

New Feature

  • [STR-131] - pack-sdf should search directory of input file for modules.
  • [STR-149] - Remove built-in tuple nonterm and replace by built-in terminals 1, 2, etc.
  • [STR-166] - asfix-anno-comment: add argument for comment sort names.
  • [STR-169] - if then end
  • [STR-181] - xml-info2data: support the --very-explicit mode of data2xml-doc


  • [STR-167] - Remove obsolete 'display' strategies in module tables.
  • [STR-171] - Use the improved autoxt.m4 contributed by Akim
  • [STR-182] - Create a testsuite for the --explicit mode used by xml2aterm and aterm2xml
  • [STR-183] - aterm2xml --very-explicit: create a RELAX NG schema for the XML of this mode.


  • [STR-38] - ast2abox should use the arity of a constructor when looking for pp-entries.
  • [STR-53] - Support nested block comments /* /* */ */
  • [STR-99] - treeviz contains a signature of GraphXML?. Use graph-tools.
  • [STR-102] - Lift the open-file table to the Stratego level by using the new hashtable pointers.
  • [STR-104] - gen-renamed-sdf-module: declare the new sorts
  • [STR-147] - format-check: improve error reporting and effiency
  • [STR-151] - sdf2rtg: use more attractive generated non terminal names
  • [STR-156] - Make syntax 'Stratego' the default for pp-stratego-latex-alltt
  • [STR-157] - temp-dir: prefer environment variable TMPDIR
  • [STR-159] - Auto-trim counter-part of `newname'-input for use as prefix
  • [STR-162] - pack-sdf: report importing module for missing SDF moulde
  • [STR-163] - pack-sdf: -I option, warn if directory does not exist or value is not a directory.
  • [STR-173] - parse-unit must accept testsuites in concrete syntax.
  • [STR-174] - parse-unit: support the execution of a single test.
  • [STR-176] - Add a composition of data2xml-doc and pp-xml-doc.
  • [STR-177] - Support a 'naive' roundtrip from aterm to xml.
  • [STR-180] - parse-unit: still uses local tmp files (which are not removed)