Second Stratego Users Day

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
February 8, 2001, Universiteit Utrecht

The proceedings are now available

Stratego is a language for program transformation based on the paradigm of rewriting strategies. The language is being used in a growing number of projects. To bring together designers and users, the Second Stratego Users Day will be held at Universiteit Utrecht on Thursday, February 8, 2001.

Topics of the day include, but are not limited to

  • Extensions and improvements
  • Implementation issues
  • Programming techniques and idioms
  • Applications

Extended abstracts for the talks will be published in a Universiteit Utrecht technical report.

Call for Contributions

To contribute a talk to the Users day send a title and short description to before December 23, 2000. An extended abstract should be submitted before January 15.

It is also possible propose topics that you would like to have addressed at the day.

Stratego Tutorial

Prior to the Users day, on Wednesday, February 7, a full day tutorial on Stratego will be given by Eelco Visser, the designer of Stratego. In the morning session an overview of the basic principles of Stratego is given. In the afternoon, you can apply these principles in the lab by writing and testing a number of simple Stratego programs. A basic understanding of programming languages and Unix tools is assumed for the tutorial. The level of assumed Stratego knowledge will depend on the audience.

The tutorial can be attended by a minimun of 2 and a maximum of 10 participants.


The Tutorial and Users Day will be held at the campus of Universiteit Utrecht in Utrecht.

Call for Participation

The Tutorial and Users Day can be attended separately.

Participation to the tutorial and the users day is free of charge. Lunch will be provided by the Software Technology Group at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences. Participants of the Tutorial will get a reader of Stratego documentation. Participants of the Users Day will get the proceedings.

All participants are invited to join us for dinner in one of Utrecht's restaurants at the end of the day. Exact location and time will be announced during the day.

If you want to participate to the tutorial and/or the users day, please register as soon as possible and before January 15, 2001 by sending an email to with your name and email address.