Reporting Bugs

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation

JIRA Issue Tracking System

In March 2004, we have adopted JIRA as an issue tracking system for StrategoXT and related projects.

Where to report issues?

Our JIRA installation is public and everyone can submit issues. Please report issues directly to the JIRA issue tracking system from now on. New issues reported in JIRA will be sent automatically to the stratego-bugs MailingList for notification. However, the issue in JIRA is the preferred place too for followup-comments. Of course you are welcome to discuss issues at the stratego-dev MailingList first.

How to specify issues?

A bug report should contain a description of the bug and preferably a small Stratego module that reproduces the bug. If possible the module should be organized with the StrategoUnit? testing framework such that it can be used in regression testing.

-- EelcoVisser - 12 Nov 2002

How to use JIRA?

As an anonymous visitor: Our JIRA installation is public, so reporting issues and browsing through and viewing existing issues is possible right away.

As a registered user: If you create an account, and use JIRA as a registered user, you also have the option to watch issues: get notified of all changes to an issue, even if you're not the reporter or assignee.

-- ArthurVanDam - 26 Mar 2004