Program of the

Fourth Stratego Users Day (SUD'03)

June 5, 2003

Utrecht University

Utrecht, The Netherlands


The meeting will be held at the Uithof campus of Utrecht University:

Room BBL-420
Buys Ballot Laboratorium
Princetonplein 5
3584 CC Utrecht
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10:00 Tools (chair: Martin Bravenboer)

  • Transformation Tool Composition with XTC -- Eelco Visser
  • User-Defined Rules in CodeBoost -- Otto Bagge

11:00 (chair: Merijn de Jonge)

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Configuration and Deployment (chair: Eelco Dolstra)

  • Testing Packages in the ST Buildfarm -- Armijn Hemel
  • Building StrategoXT packages with AutoXT -- Eelco Visser

14:00 XML (chair: Jurgen Vinju)

15:00 Break

15:15 Optimization (chair: Otto Bagge)

  • Compiling Octave -- Karina Olmos
  • Loop Optimization for AutoBayes -- Jozef Kruger
  • Core Simplification for the Helium Compiler -- Alan van Dam

Generation (chair: Eelco Visser)

  • Template-based Application Generation -- Jonne van Wijngaarden
  • MetaTiger -- Robert Anisko

17:30 Discussion

19:00 Dinner

  • In Café restaurant TOQUE TOQUE
    Oudegracht 138
    3511 AA Utrecht
    Tel: 030-2318787
    Fax: 030-2317610

Registered Participants

  1. Andres Loeh (UU) [lunch, not dinner]
  2. Akim Demaille (Epita) [lunch, dinner]
  3. Alan van Dam (UU) [lunch, not dinner]
  4. Alexey Rodriguez (UU) [lunch, not dinner]
  5. Armijn Hemel (UU) [lunch, not dinner]
  6. Arthur van Dam (UU) [lunch, not dinner]
  7. Clement Vasseur (Epita) [lunch, dinner]
  8. Dave Clarke (UU) [lunch, not dinner]
  9. Eelco Dolstra (UU) [lunch, dinner]
  10. Eelco Visser (UU) [lunch, dinner]
  11. Gordon Cichone (Dresden) [lunch, dinner]
  12. Jeanne Hofmans (UU) [until lunch, not dinner]
  13. Johan Jeuring (UU) [after lunch, not dinner]
  14. Jonne van Wijngaarden (UU) [lunch, dinner]
  15. Jory van Zessen (UU) [lunch, not dinner]
  16. Jozef Kruger (UU) [lunch, dinner]
  17. Jurgen Vinju (CWI) [lunch, not dinner]
  18. Karina Olmos (UU) [lunch, dinner]
  19. Martin Bravenboer (UU) [lunch, dinner]
  20. Merijn de Jonge (TUE) [lunch, dinner]
  21. Niels Janssen (UU) [lunch, not dinner]
  22. Otto Skrove Bagge (Bergen) [lunch, dinner]
  23. Robert Anisko (Epita) [lunch, dinner]
  24. Valentin David (Epita) [lunch, dinner]
  25. Wilco Niessen (UU) [until lunch, not dinner]