Sdf Grammars


Language Version down Available in View online
ASF   SDF Library browse?
AsFix   SDF Library browse?
ATerm   SDF Library browse?
Bibtex   Bibtex-tools?  
Box   GPP browse?
C++   EPITA's Transformers Project  
C Preprocessor   SDF Library browse?
Dot (GraphViz)   Stratego/XT Utils  
HQL   WebDSL browse
JavaScript   See ECMAScript  
Jimple   Jimple-front? browse?
JSP   Under development in StringBorg?  
Octave   Under development in the Stratego Octave Compiler  
Prolog   Prolog-tools?  
Shell   Under development in StringBorg?  
Similix (subset of Scheme)   Similix in Stratego  
SDF   SDF Library 1.0 browse?
Tiger   Tiger in Stratego  
Stratego 0.9 - latest StrategoXT?/stratego-front?  
XML 1.0 Stratego/XT?  
XPath 1.0 Under development in StringBorg?  
Java 1.4 Java-front?  
Java 1.5 Java-front? browse?
PHP 4 PHP-front browse?
PHP 5 PHP-front browse?
AspectJ 5.0 AspectJ-front? browse?
SQL 92 SQL-front?  
C ad-hoc StrategoXT?/c-tools?  
C ANSI-C (?) SDF Library browse?
C# C# 2.0 csharp-front browse
C C99 EPITA's Transformers Project  
ECMAScript Edition 3 (ECMA-262) Under development in ECMAScript-front?  
VDM-SL ISO/IEC 13817-1:1996 VooDooMFront  
URI RFC 1738 Nix  
LDAP Search Filters RFC 4515 StringBorg?  

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This list is maintained mostly by Martin Bravenboer and Karl Trygve Kalleberg. Please contact Martin if you cannot find a grammar or one of the links is broken.