Generative Programming: Concepts and Experience

The International Conference on Generative Programming and Component Engineering (GPCE) Bylaws

Organizational Goals

Program generation techniques have the potential to revolutionize software development as automation and components revolutionized manufacturing. The abundance of current research in this area indicates that there are many technical problems both at the foundational and engineering levels.

There is wealth of methods in approaching problems from different backgrounds, and a wide spectrum of application domains were program generation techniques appear valuable. This diversity may lead to unnecessary fragmentation in the research community.

The major aim of GPCE is to foster the creation of a bridge community, in addition to communities with more specific interests and goals.

Affiliation with ACM and IFIP

GPCE will seek the sponsorship of the ACM whenever possible.

In additional to its independent standing as a conference, GPCE also serves as the working conference for the IFIP Working Group on Program Generation, WG 2.11.

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of GPCE consists of a single Steering Committee whose aim is to promote the coherent aggregation of related events.

The GPCE conference takes place yearly, in the August to October period (typically Sepptember to October).

For the purposes of the following, a year ends on the date of conclusion of the calendar year's GPCE conference. For example, if the GPCE conference runs September 28 - October 2, October 31 concludes the calendar year.

Steering Committee

MEMBERSHIP. The Steering Committe (SC) is limited to six (6) members. Each member can serve for at most five (5) years.

In normal circumstances, each year the oldest member leaves the SC, and is replaced by a new member as indicated below.

Incoming SC members are chosen by SC decision among:

  • the General Chairs (GCs) of the last 3 GPCE conferences
  • the Program Chairs (PCs) of the last 3 GPCE conferences
In special circumstances (namely bootstrapping: not enough eligible persons per above rules) the current SC is allowed to select members outside the above categories.

DECISION MAKING. A decision is deemed approved by the SC by majority rule; votes that end in ties are not approved.

The SC votes one of its members SC chair, with a 2 year mandate.

The SC chair is the official representative of the SC within GPCE and the official interface between the SC and the outside world. The chair is expected to lead the discussion within the SC and coordinate the activities of the SC.

DUTIES (based on the ACM guidelines). The SC is responsible for

  • suggesting changes to the bylaws
  • appointing the GPCE GC and PC (and other persons involved in the organization of one edition of GPCE), and specifying their duties
  • making decisions on matters that have a lasting consequences on GPCE conference, such as: the scope, topics of interests, publication venues
  • making decisions on information sharing infrastructures to promote interaction and dissemination of ideas in the GPCE community, such as mailing lists, repositories, web sites.
  • appointing the GPCE Publicity Chair or other persons involved in the organization of several editions of GPCE (or in managing the information sharing infrastructures), and specifying their duties

Business Meetings

Each GPCE conference should schedule a Business Meeting (BM), which is public and conducted by the SC chair (or a deputy from the SC). The BM is a way to provide information to and get feedback from the GPCE community. The BM typically includes the following items:

  • a report on the current GPCE conference
  • an announcement of next year's GPCE conference
  • offers from potential host for the GPCE in two years
Proposals for additional items should be brought to the attention of SC members at least two months in advance of the BM, but a limited time for raising unanticipated issues is always granted. The agenda of the BM will be finalized at least one month in advance.

During the BM a show of hands could be taken on specific issues, but the result is not binding for the SC.

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