Gmt Roadmap

*Generative Model Transformer*
This is intendet to be a collection of questions and answers regarding GMT roadmap. It also is meant to store old discussion and to make GMT more clear to newcomers.

Should not we move our roadmap document into the Wiki? It would be a better way to evolve roadmap. -- MarkKofman


Q: To follow agile approach promised in MDSD so much I would like to see something executable GMT as soon as possible. How can we achieve this?

A: Think the roadmap does this (v0.1, v0.2, ...)

Q: General comment. You speak different "languages" in roadmap comparing to other parts of architecture document. You have talked about subsystems, ecore, gcore, MDA tool components. And in roadmap concepts like domain specific language, specification tool, EMF application,... jumps in without introduction. I would suggest to use terms from this architecture documents. Thats once again shows that we need proper Terminology for our project. It will avoid confusing ourselves and GMT users.

A: That will all be clarified by mapping the use case view onto the logical view, and by the GmtGlossary?. But let's not create documentation for documentation sake, let's just create enough so that we are sure we're on the same page.

Q: version 0.1 goal. "In version 0.1 of GMT the specification tools that we use to capture models expressed in domain-specific languages can be EMF applications generated from meta models captured in Ecore." I am sorry, but I don't read our specific activities from this goal!

A: Yes this is the goal and not the set of activities to reach the goal. One of the next items to produce is a GMT project plan with activities that are assigned to individuals. A simple spreadsheet will do. Send in what you would like to contribute towards v0.1. I'll collect suggestions and coordinate the activities.

Q: version 0.1 goal. Why don't we validate ecore as foundation by trying to pluggin FUUTje?

A: As you have picked up, v0.1 is a very small step. Let's complete that first.

Q: I would have version 0.2 as 0.1 goal. I believe simplistic implementation of gcore is what we have to concentrate first, because it is the core component.

A: Patience. Unless we can satisfy ourselves that ecore and EMF works as we think it should, there's little point building gcore on an unproven foundation. (On steep house building sites for example engineers first test the ground for solidity and potential for slips etc before you start drawaing up plans for a building ;-) ecore is our building site... It can get very expensive if you're building on a difficult site ;-)

Q: I am getting the feeling that we are concentrating on creating MDA tool components instead of working on GMT core ideas. I hope this feeling is because I am still not very familiar with GMT. If not, then we should review roadmap goals.

A: The goals are driven by very down-to-earth, practical considerations. There will be more than enough "cool" work on gcore. The requirements for gcore need to be driven from concrete MDA tool component integration scenarios as outlined above. Otherwise we're building an ivory tower. See MDSD patterns on interaction between domain engineering and application engineering.

Q: If we say that we are using MDSD What step in is creating this architecture document is MDSD paradigm? What should be other activities done by now according to MDSD? Yes, I have read MDSD Activities paper ;) but what I am impling here is description of specific process of how we are going to use MDSD in GMT development. Sure only if we are going to do so!


-- MarkKofman - 28 Jun 2004