Coding Conventions

*Generative Model Transformer*
Which conventions should we follow in GMT project? There are Eclipse conventions at . Should we follow those blindly?

In FUUT There is a target to run checkstyle with Sun conventions(Eclipse ones are based on them). We can use it to make sure our new code is good enough. Similar way could be applied in other GMT project components.

-- MarkKofman - 03 Jul 2004

FUUT: What about getting rid of warning list in the Eclipse's problems view? This issue could also be mentioned on the list of possible refactoring issues, but i believe first of all we should agree on what warnings we shall fix. Thus, this is also a coding convention issue ;)

-- AntonLitvinenko - 04 Jul 2004

FUUT: I have always used Eclipse with ignore warnings about unused imports. Now, with Eclipse 3, I found that there are >150 of them, so I am fixing them all. It makes the dependencies that we have more clear. I think that in the generated code it is more difficult to avoid unused imports.

-- GhicaVanEmdeBoas - 05Jul 2004