Generative Programming and Component Engineering
  • Arie Middelkoop, S. Doaitse Swierstra and Atze Dijkstra: Iterative Type Inference with Attribute Grammars

  • Matthias P. Krieger, Alexander Knapp and Burkhart Wolff: Automatic and Efficient Simulation of Operation Contracts

  • Reinhard Wolfinger, Markus Löberbauer, Markus Jahn and Hanspeter Mössenböck: Adding Genericity to a Plug-in Framework

  • Tiark Rompf and Martin Odersky: Lightweight Modular Staging: A Pragmatic Approach to Runtime Code Generation and Compiled DSLs

  • Zoltan Porkolab and Abel Sinkovics: Domain-specific Language Integration with Compile-time Parser Generator Library

  • Kevin Atkinson, Matthew Flatt and Gary Lindstrom: ABI Compatibility Through a Customizable Language

  • Juan F. Navas, Jean-Philippe Babau and Jacques Pulou: A Component-based Run-time Evolution Infrastructure for Resource-Constrained Embedded Systems

  • Christian Hofer and Klaus Ostermann: Modular Domain-Specific Language Components in Scala

  • Dave Clarke, Michiel Helvensteijn and Ina Schaefer: Abstract Delta Modeling

  • Uwe Ryssel, Joern Ploennigs and Klaus Kabitzsch: Automatic Variation-Point Identification in Function-Block-Based Models

  • Sandro Schulze, Sven Apel and Christian Kästner: Code Clones in Feature-Oriented Software Product Lines

  • Julio Sincero, Reinhard Tartler, Daniel Lohmann and Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat: Efficient Extraction and Analysis of Preprocessor-Based Variability

  • Éric Tanter, Philippe Moret, Walter Binder and Danilo Ansaloni: Composition of Dynamic Analysis Aspects

  • Thomas Wuerthinger, Walter Binder, Danilo Ansaloni, Philippe Moret and Hanspeter Mössenböck: Applications of Dynamic Code Evolution for Java in GUI Development and Dynamic Aspect-Oriented Programming

  • Yuheng Long, Sean Mooney, Tyler Sondag and Hridesh Rajan: Implicit Invocation Meets Safe, Implicit Concurrency

  • Mirko Bordignon, Ulrik P. Schultz and Kasper Stoy: Model-based Kinematics Generation for Modular Mechatronic Toolkits

  • Weiyu Miao and Jeremy Siek: Incremental Type-Checking for Type-Reflective Metaprograms

  • Neville Grech, Julian Rathke and Bernd Fischer: JEqualityGen: Generating equality and hashing methods