Generative Programming and Component Engineering
* A Model of Refactoring Physically and Virtually Separated Features
Christian Kaestner, Sven Apel and Martin Kuhlemann

* Transactional Pointcuts: Designation, Reification, and Advice of Interrelated Join Points
Hossein Sadat-Mohtasham and H James Hoover

* Mapping problem-space to solution-space features: A feature interaction approach
Frans Sanen, Eddy Truyen and Wouter Joosen

* Generating execution infrastructures for component-oriented specifications with a model driven toolchain: a case study for MARTE's GCM and real-time annotations
Ansgar Radermacher, Arnaud Cuccuru, Sebastien Gerard and Francois Terrier

* Safe Composition of Non-Monotonic Features
Martin Kuhlemann, Don Batory and Christian Kaestner

* Generating Safe Template Languages
Jendrik Johannes, Florian Heidenreich, Mirko Seifert, Christian Wende and Marcel Böhme

* Abstract Parsing for Two-staged Languages with Concatenation
Soonho Kong, Wontae Choi and Kwangkeun Yi

* JavaGI in the Battlefield: Practical Experience with Generalized Interfaces
Stefan Wehr and Peter Thiemann

* A generative programming approach to developing pervasive computing systems
Damien Cassou, Benjamin Bertran, Nicolas Loriant and Charles Consel

* Toward Foundations for Type-Reflective Metaprogramming
Ronald Garcia and Andrew Lumsdaine

* Advanced Dynamic Runtime Adaptation for Java
Alex Villazon, Walter Binder, Danilo Ansaloni and Philippe Moret

* HotWave: Creating Adaptive Tools with Dynamic Aspect-Oriented Programming in Java
Alex Villazon, Danilo Ansaloni, Walter Binder and Philippe Moret

* The Axioms Strike Back: Testing with Concepts and Axioms in C++
Anya Helene Bagge, Valentin David and Magne Haveraaen

* Algorithms for User Interfaces
Jaakko Järvi, Mat Marcus, Sean Parent, John Freeman and Jacob Smith

* Reusable, Generic Program Analyses and Transformations
Jeremiah Willcock, Andrew Lumsdaine and Daniel Quinlan

* A unified object model for pervasive virtualized access
Phil McGachey, Antony Hosking and Eliot Moss

* Extending AspectJ for Separating Regions
Shumpei Akai and Shigeru Chiba

* Synthesis of Fast Programs for Maximum-Weightsum Problems
Srinivas Nedunuri and William R Cook

* A Language and Framework for Invariant-Driven Transformations
Yanhong A. Liu, Michael Gorbovitski and Scott Stoller