Generative Programming and Component Engineering


Seventh International Conference on

Generative Programming and Component Engineering (GPCE'08)

ACM logo ACM logo October 19-23, 2008
Nashville, Tennessee
(co-located with OOPSLA 2008)

Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN, in cooperation with ACM SIGSOFT.
GPCE'08 proceedings published by ACM Press.

Important Dates

* Proposal submission deadline for tutorial proposals: March 20, 2008 * Date for notification of acceptance: April 5, 2008

Tutorials that have less than 10 early registrants will be at risk of cancellation.


Proposals for high-quality tutorials in all areas of generative programming and component-based development, from academic research to industrial applications, are solicited. Tutorial levels may be introductory, intermediate, or advanced. A tutorial's purpose is to give a deeper insight into an area than a conventional lecture. GPCE tutorials are typically half-day sessions consisting of two 90-minute blocks separated by a 30-minute break. Attendees are provided with handouts. The topic of a tutorial can come from a truly broad spectrum. Any interesting theme included but not restricted to the GPCE topic list (see below) is welcome. A tutorial must be expected to attract a reasonable number of participants. This is most likely the case if the topic is new or relevant to a broad community. (Tutorials that have less than 10 early registrants will be at risk of cancellation.) If you have deep experience in a GPCE topic area, from which others could benefit, please consider submitting a proposal.


GPCE seeks contributions in software engineering and in programming languages related (but not limited) to:

* Generative programming * Reuse, meta-programming, partial evaluation, multi-stage and multi-level languages, step-wise refinement, and generic programming * Semantics, type systems, symbolic computation, linking and explicit substitution, in-lining and macros, templates, and program transformation * Runtime code generation, compilation, active libraries, synthesis from specifications, development methods, generation of non-code artifacts, formal methods, and reflection * Generative techniques for * Product-line architectures * Distributed, real-time and embedded systems * Model-driven development and architecture * Resource bounded/safety critical systems. * Component-based software engineering *Reuse, distributed platforms and middleware, distributed systems, evolution, patterns, development methods, deployment and configuration techniques, and formal methods * Integration of generative and component-based approaches * Domain engineering and domain analysis * Domain-specific languages including visual and UML-based DSLs * Separation of concerns * Aspect-oriented and feature-oriented programming, * Intentional programming and multi-dimensional separation of concerns * Industrial applications of the above

Co-location with OOPSLA

The technical program of GPCE will start on Sunday, October 19, 2008. The technical program of OOPSLA (that is, the technical paper sessions) will start on Tuesday, October 21, 2008. GPCE satellite events will either be scheduled concurrently with the GPCE technical program or concurrently with the OOPSLA main technical program. As such, attendance will be more convenient than in the case of a model where extra days are allocated before or after the main technical conference program. However, the satellite events will also receive competition for attendance in this way.

Submission Format

Proposals must contain all information requested in the SubmissionFormat template.

What should a tutorial look like?

The TutorialGuidelines offer suggestions to authors of accepted tutorial proposals for preparing and presenting tutorial.

Submission Process

Proposals must be submitted electronically (in .pdf format) to The submission deadline is March 20, 2008, but early submission is strongly encouraged. All proposals will be reviewed by the Chair for GPCE Satellite Events and by members of the GPCE Program Committee to ensure a high quality and an appropriate mix of topics so that the combined program of satellite events attracts a large interest among the various segments within the broad GPCE community.


For additional information, clarification, or questions please feel free to contact the Chair for GPCE Satellite Events (Ralf Lämmel,