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Previous Informal Meetings Coupled Software Transformations Workshop, Portugal 2011 Dagstuhl Seminar Bidirectional Transformations "bx", Germany 2011 GRACE Int. Meeting ...

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A previous meeting was held as HART 2013.

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Name: Swarm Dagstuhl Email: Affiliation: Dagstuhl Homepage URL: ...

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Upcoming STARTINCLUDE 2009-06-16 Code Generation 2009 tutorial on Creating Domain-Specific Languages with Stratego/XT. STOPINCLUDE Past 2008-10-21 OOPSLA 2008 talk ...

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A data exchange format provides a formal notation for the linear description of data to be exchanged between tools. See the ExchangeFormatBibliography for an overview ...
Dagstuhl Seminar 3061 Software Architecture: Recovery and Modelling More information on this seminar: ...

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