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There are many tools for editing UML diagrams. I conducted a little comparison to find a good tool to use in a software engineering course in the Spring of 2000. This page lists requirements for good UML tools and reviews a number of existing tools. Since I put the page up I have had some requests from tool vendors to add a link to their tool. I have moved the page to the wiki such that anyone can add to this page. Feel free to add more links and reviews by selecting the Edit link in the sidebar. -- EelcoVisser - 19 Nov 2001

Requirements for UML Tools


  • Diagram composition
    • Completeness: How much of UML is supported?
    • Can diagrams be layed out automatically? What is the quality of the automatic layout?
  • Code generation
    • Is it possible to generate code from diagrams?
    • Which languages are covered?
  • Reverse engineering
    • Is it possible to generate diagrams from existing code?
    • Which languages are covered? To what extent?
  • Round-trip engineering
    • Is it possible to keep diagrams and code in sync?


  • Availability
    • Price
    • Student/academic edition
  • Performance
    • Is drawing and manipulating diagrams realtime?
  • Open
    • Can the tool be combined with other tools?
  • Open source
    • Is it possible to improve and extend the tool?

Existing Tools

There are numerous tools for creating and manipulating UML diagrams. I have looked at a few of them

The reviews above were conducted in the Spring of 2000 and might be out of date.

There are a number of other tools that I haven't had time for to look at:

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