Rigi Releases

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All official releases are downloadable at http://www.rigi.csc.uvic.ca/Pages/download.html

Rigi is released in several packages.

RigiEdit Package

The only package that you need to get Rigi to run is RigiEdit.

Depending on the operating system, this package is named rigi-..., rigiedit-..., or Rigi-.... For example:

Other Packages

The other packages are identified by prefix:

  • rigiutils-... (Rigi utilities, optional but good to have)
  • cobparse-... (Cobol parser, optional, unsupported)
  • cparse-... (C parser, optional, unsupported)
  • vacppparse-... (Visual Age C++ parser, optional, unsupported)

(For the parsers to work you probably need rigiutils as well.)