Bilyz Kid

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Bilyzkid Co has a disassembler and decompiler for Windows (Intel). It claims to support 8086/186/286/386/486/Pentium up to IV (including SIMD2 instructions). It appears to use a Sourcer-like approach: a file of commands is automatically generated, and the user can edit to improve the results. The documentation with the demo output states five things that the user has to describe manually:

  • Functions and data
  • "Simple statements"
  • Switch statements
  • Loop (for and while) statements
  • Conditional (if/then/else) statements
It's not clear how much of this happens automatically, and how much has to be entered manually. The demonstration decompilation has a lot of goto statements, e.g. where a break statement would have been used in the original program. The author seems to claim that almost any executable file can be decompiled to reasonable looking C that is compilable. The author is Japanese, and the documentation files have a "Jinglish" feel. Commercial software; approximately US$500 for one license and support; US$900 including a disassembler.