Pretty Print Table Diff

XT -- A Bundle of Program Transformation Tools



pptable-diff [--patch] [--prune] [-o output] [--new <table>] --old <table>


This program writes to standard error a list of pretty-print rules that are contained in pretty-print table "old" but not in "new" and, vice versa. Optionally, this tool patches the pretty-print table "old" by adding new and/or removing obsolete pretty-print entries.


display usage information. Use this option to get information on additional options.

--new <table>
New pretty-print table. Typically, this is a pretty-print table recently generated by ppgen?. If missing, standard input is used to read a table from.

--old <table>
Old pretty-print table. Typically, this is a (manually) customized pretty-print table.

Bring old table up-to-date. If this switch is specified, the table "old" is updated by adding pretty-print rules that are in "new" but not in "old".

Remove obsolete pretty-print entries. If this switch is specified, the table "old" is returned after removing obsolete pretty-print entries (i.e., entries that are not contained in "new").

See also

GenericPrettyPrinter, HowToPrettyPrintAGrammar, HowToDefinePrettyPrintTables, PrettyPrintTables, BoxLanguage, PrettyPrintTableGenerator?

-- MerijnDeJonge - 10 Feb 2004