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SDF: Modular Syntax Definition Formalism
This page is intended as a forum for discussion of all aspects of SDF2.

Tips and Tricks

SDF2 is a rich formalism. Here are some tips and tricks to use its full power.

  • AbstractSyntaxFromSDF2?

Design and Implementation

SDF2 is still under development.

  • Sdf.SDF2o2: Issues and plans for stabilizing the current version

  • Sdf.SDF3: Considerations for the next generation

    • A bad idea to start thinking about this right now, makes people nervous. -- PK

    • Why does it make people nervous? A living language is always changing, users will come up with ways to improve the language. One can ignore such ideas or make an inventory that can be used as a basis for new development. -- EV

    • To keep the discussion about Sdf.SDF2o2 focussed it is good to have an Sdf.SDF3 bin in which we can store ideas that we don't want to think about for a while or ever -- JV

Comparison with other Formalisms

SDF2 is not the first syntax definition formalism ever designed. What are its features? What is different from other formalisms?

  • SDFvsSDF2?: a comparison of Trash.SDFII with its predecessor

  • BNFvsSDF2?: a comparison with 'standard' syntax definitions

  • YACCvsSDF2?: a comparison with the classic

SDF in Context

SDF is used in combination with other formalisms and tools what are the consequences for the language?

  • GrammarAnnotations?

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